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What first attracted me to Ayurveda is its profound understanding of the mind, body & spirit connection - beautifully interweaving medicinal science, philosophy & spirituality. Disease can manifest physically as a direct result of our diet, lifestyle and environment. In addition to the hectic lifestyle choices that we make, we have become adept at distracting ourselves, disassociating and suppressing painful emotions, which accumulate deep in our tissues/cells.

To further exacerbate the problem, we no longer pay attention or have the time to pay attention to our diet.

As we move further and further away from our natural state of being and stepping into a more fear-based culture where we are deeply disconnected from our essence, nature and our capacity to self-heal, it made sense to seek an alternative healing modality. This came in the form of an ancient medicinal system that puts emphasis on living in harmony with nature. We are living at a time where disease, particularly autoimmune disorders are on an unprecedented high with no answers in allopathy. There are no mechanisms to prevent or arrest the onset of disease or any real importance given to diet and lifestyle as crucial in maintaining health.

With Ayurveda came my understanding that no single diet, exercise regime or food plan is ever suitable for every person. This was the beginning of a powerful shift. What we eat and how we live has an intrinsic effect on our health and well-being. Eating without an understanding of our constitution and imbalances can actually provoke toxins and disease. Not only does Ayurveda give you the tools to understand your constitution and the imbalance, but it gives you the tools to correct this imbalance. Therefore, preventing the onset of disease, preventing further escalation of disease and ultimately healing from disease. Our diet and lifestyle hold the key to manifesting health and well-being.

You’d be surprised how many of us eat inflammation provoking foods on a daily basis, not because the food we are eating in itself is bad, but because it is either unsuitable for our present constitutional imbalance or we are consuming it with incompatible foods which then create ama or toxins in our body. It is incredibly liberating to understand how to prevent disease with the choices that we make daily. Not just through what we eat, but also the way we live and the choices we make that have an emotional impact.


Whatever your condition or disease may be, the path to healing starts from the gut.

I treat a wide range of conditions -

Digestive issues/IBS/Crohn's/Ulcerative colitis | Acid reflux |

Allergies and intolerance | Sinusitis | Skin conditions – Acne/Eczema/Psoriasis  Anxiety | Sleep disturbance | Migraines | Excessive sweating 

Respiratory conditions - Asthma/long COVID | Persistent Cough/Colds

 Chronic UTIs | Fibroids | Endometriosis | PCOS | Menstrual pain

Menopause symptoms


An Ayurvedic healing approach will further pick up any early signs and symptoms of what could potentially lead to more serious conditions over time if left untreated.

Early prevention is key.

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