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'I found Rasangi to have great intuition and understanding of my condition, and her recommendations for diet and lifestyle to be very beneficial. She is also able to provide follow up support with recipes and navigating life's challenges. Her unique oil products (from Sri Lanka) are of exceptional artisan quality at a fraction of the price one might expect, as are her herbal supplements. I would recommend Rasangi and Ayurveda to anyone wishing to follow a gentle and preventative approach'

- Will, Oxford (2023)

'I can't thank Rasangi enough, I was suffering from repeated kidney infections... with her guidance and support, the herbs, and advice on lifestyle and nutrition I have not had a UTI or kidney infection since! Amazing!! Overall, I really felt seen, heard and in good hands with her suggestions.

I can't believe the difference I feel within myself... I feel more alive, alert, calm and overall more vitalised...Thank you!!'

- Lillie W, Oxford  (2022)


'Working with Rasangi has been a really positive experience. I was experiencing some ongoing digestive, sinus and pain issues that I felt were related to inflammation in the body and I was also concerned what health problems this may be storing up for the future. Rasangi identified through an in-depth consultation where I had imbalances and recommended a combination of dietary changes and a number of Ayurvedic herbal treatments. These have really made a difference to the specific issues I was experiencing, but also in relation to general wellbeing, energy levels and quality of sleep.  It was my first experience of Ayurveda and as well as the positive benefits I have experienced it has made me aware of my underpinning constitution and how what I eat and my lifestyle impacts on this. Thank you, Rasangi!'

JF, Oxford  (2021)

Hand Oil Drop

'I knew a little of Ayurveda but never had a consultation prior to this. Rasangi gave a lengthy and thorough consultation with various recommendations for my diet and lifestyle, to suit my imbalances. Due to the changes in diet that were recommended I wasn’t initially sure if I could stick with it. But just after 7 days I felt so much better which was enough motivation for me to carry on. In addition to the dietary recommendations and home remedies, I received ayurvedic herbal supplements which were fantastic. Rasangi gave me guidelines whenever necessary and I always felt accompanied by her in this changing process... Amongst other complications, I have for years had terrible sinusitis a couple of times a year. Since working with Rasangi I have not had a single infection. She has helped me so much with her knowledge. Thank you so much'

UL, Pharmacist, Germany (2021)

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