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Ayurveda, unlike anything I have ever known is a science of life; wisdom that shows you ways to maintain well-being and balance to prevent disease. When it comes to treatment, it offers a highly personalised treatment method. I focus on identifying causative factors accumulated over years, so that a personalised system of care can be designed to suit you.


The initial consultation that I offer is 90 minutes.

Consultation fee £99


This is a very comprehensive session where I offer in-depth advice and guidance. You will receive knowledge to initiate the healing process and over time gain knowledge and wisdom to guide you throughout life to keep your mind and body balanced and healthy. In this journey, patience and consistency will be required.

- Please note that herbal and oil remedies, where required, will incur additional costs.

There will be continued support and review in the form of follow-up consultations, after 4 week gaps. Each will be 60 mins in duration (£45 per follow up session).

Longer treatment and care packages can be tailor-made depending on assessed needs. Please enquire for prices.

Consultations are very laid back and provide a safe place for  clients to discuss matters of concern, be they emotional or physical.


After a consultion you will receive:

  • A diet sheet based on the assessed doshic imbalances and nutritional needs

  • Home remedies

  • Recipe suggestions taking into consideration work and life commitments.

  • Lifestyle recommendations

  • Personalised herbal remedies and oils where deemed necessary

  • Gentle encouragement is given to those more open to spiritual practices and/or interested in trauma healing

  • Continued support between sessions via email/WhatsApp

  • Long term support can be provided when dealing with chronic disease


NEW - I hope to offer Ayurvedic massage therapy in the coming months (to existing clients only). 



These can be tailor made, please do enquire. Prices vary depending on group size and location.

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