Ayurveda, unlike anything I have ever known is a science of life; wisdom that shows you ways to maintain well-being and balance to prevent disease. When it comes to treatment, it offers a patient oriented and personalised treatment method. I will focus on identifying causative factors so that a personalised system of care can be designed to suit you.


The initial consultation that I offer is 90-120 minutes (£80.00).

- Herbal and oil remedies, where required, will incur additional costs.

There will be continued support and review in the form of follow-up consultations, after 4 week gaps. Each will be 60 mins in duration (£40.00 per follow up session).

Longer treatment and care packages can be tailor-made depending on assessed needs. Please enquire for prices.

Consultations are very laid back and provide a safe place for a client to be open and honest. 


Consultations are followed with:

  • A diet sheet based on the assessed doshic imbalances and nutritional needs

  • Home remedies

  • Recipe suggestions taking into consideration time restrictions

  • Lifestyle recommendations

  • Personalised herbal remedies and oils where deemed necessary

  • Gentle encouragement is given to those more open to spiritual practices and/or interested in trauma healing

  • 2 to 3 further follow up sessions at 3 – 4 week intervals (long term support is provided when dealing with chronic disease)

  • Continued support between sessions via e mail/WhatsApp



These can be tailor made, please do enquire. Prices vary depending on group size and location.

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